The Wright People is an event staffing agency founded by Rick Wright in October 1996 to offer quality catering staff to upscale Caterers, Hotels, Clubs and other event professionals in the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro areas.

We believe in personal service and will work with you to match our people with your company's style and needs. When we first start working with you, one or more of our Management staff will be on the job with our people, and we will continue to send them as long as you need us to.

The Wright People does not hire inexperienced people and give them a few hours training . Instead we hire only well experienced people who have worked for at least two and usually several different high-end Caterers, Hotels, etc. We recognize that, while all caterers, banquet, departments,etc, do basically the same thing, everydone does it their own way. Hospitality staffing requires accommodating each clients style of service and we require that flexibility in our people. Our staff will never say "That's not the
way we did it at my old job", or "That's not my job".

We are strictly a hospitality staffing agency. We don't have any other divisions. We don't want to fragment our energies by getting into labor temping, or office, or medical or anything but what we know well and do well. So if we come up short of staff, we're not going to be pulling laborers or file clerks from other divisions and sending them out. We would rather tell you we can't help this time than send people who are going to make you and us look bad.

If you're an event planner, we can be a valuable resource to you. Check out the "For Private Events" page to see what services we can offer your clients who wish to provide their own food and beverages rather than using a caterer, but still need polished professionals to set up, serve, and break down.

We are fully insured with Workers Comp and Liability coverage.

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